Privacy Policy
  1. General provisions
    1. This policy defines how your personal data, as well as other data related to you, is collected and processed on our website. It applies when you visit and start using the website in any way, which is automatically determined as your acceptance of the rules described in the document.
    2. We strictly comply with the requirements set forth in this policy in order to ensure the confidentiality of your personal data and its protection against unauthorized access or use.
    3. We may change this policy from time to time because of the development of our business and / or website. All changes will be immediately posted on the website after their approving.
    4. In case of disagreement with this policy, you must stop using our website and leave it.
  2. Types of collected data and conditions for their use
    1. During the operation of our website, we collect the following types of data:
      a) the personal data of individuals who visit and use the website (the users);
      b) other information automatically collected about the users or their devices when visiting and using our website (cookies).
    2. The personal data of the users include their name, phone and email, which they write when filling out the feedback form located on our website.
    3. Other information collected automatically about the users (cookies) includes: their IP address, geographic location, browser type and version, operating system, URL from which the user went to our website, date, time and duration of his visit, pages they viewed, frequency of their visits, etc. This information characterizes the interaction of visitors with our website.
    4. When filling out the feedback form, the website user is obligated to put a checkmark in front of the phrase “I agree with the processing of my personal data” – thereby, he confirms that he has read this policy and gives permission to collect and process his personal data.
    5. We use the cookies on our website for tracking the actions of its visitors and for ensuring normal interaction between them and the website. We can use this technology only if it is not disabled / blocked in your browser.
    6. If you do not want these files to be stored on your device and used by us henceforth, you can disable this data tracking technology in your browser yourself. For more information on this subject, you can follow the link
  3. How we process the collected data
    1. The information we collect (see clause 2.1 of this policy) may be used for:
      a) organizing feedback with potential buyers of our products and solutions in order to answer their requests and provide the necessary information;
      b) analyzing the use of our website by its visitors and other studies;
      c) ensuring the normal functioning of our website.
    2. Your personal data will be stored with us temporarily, in order to be used according to clause 3.1, after which they will be depersonalized and / or deleted.
    3. We may disclose (transfer) the collected data to others in the manner prescribed by law:
      a) to our suppliers and subcontractors – for the implementation of contractual obligations with our customers (delivery of goods to their destination, providing maintenance services, etc.);
      b) to third parties – for the providing of other services on our behalf (email providers, database management services, web analytics, etc.);
      c) to law enforcement and other authorities – to protect our legitimate interests and in other cases stipulated by law.
  4. Measures to protect the collected data
    1. To ensure the protection of your personal data against unauthorized access and use, we store it on the computers and servers guarded by passwords, anti-virus and other appropriate programs.
    2. Only a limited number of company employees has access to your personal data – the ones who are directly responsible for its processing in the cases indicated in section 3 of the policy.
    3. We guarantee that your personal data will never, and under no circumstances, be transferred to third parties except as described in clause 3.3.
    4. Despite the measures we have taken, the security of your personal data may be compromised in the event of certain issues, such as malfunctions in the hardware and software responsible for the operation of our website, unauthorized entry and breaking of data by third parties, etc.
  5. Website user rights
    1. 5.1 Your principal rights that you have under data protection law are:
      a) the right to access (you can request copies of your personal data collected through our website, as well as information about its processing);
      b) the right to rectification (you can ask us to correct errors in your personal data if they are discovered);
      c) the right to deletion (you can require us to delete your personal data from our database);
      d) the right to restrict processing (you can demand to limit the processing of your personal data in certain cases referred to in section 3);
      e) the right to object to processing (you can request not to process your personal data in any of the ways described in section 3);
      f) the right to data transfer (you can ask us to transfer your personal data collected through our website to third parties specified by you, if this does not contradict the law);
      g) the right to appeal (you can complain to a supervisory authority about our processing of your personal data in the manner prescribed by law);
      h) the right to withdraw your consent (you can withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data in writing if we do not have a legal basis for keeping it).
  6. Contact us
    1. All suggestions or questions regarding the content of this policy should be sent to the Service Department by e-mail (